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A Python powered, open source game engine


link to ursina trailer

Powered by Python

Python is the world's most popular programming language for a reason. The ease of use of Python combined with ursina's design, makes it easy to write concise code and avoid lots of boilerplate code.

from ursina import * app = Ursina() cube = Entity(model='cube', color=hsv(300,1,1), scale=2, collider='box') def spin(): cube.animate('rotation_y', cube.rotation_y+360, duration=2, curve=curve.in_out_expo) cube.on_click = spin EditorCamera() # add camera controls for orbiting and moving the camera

Make Any Type of Game

2D games, 3D games, applications, visualizations, you can make anything you want with ursina.

Iterate Faster

• Reload code/textures/models while in-game
• Automatic import of .psd and .blend files
• Compile times:

Iteration speed benchmark. Time from code/scene change to play. Game: pong clone. Lower is better.

engine: duration: times as slow: ursina 00.01s 1x Godot 01.18s 118x Unity 11.45s 1145x

Modern UI

• Sleek modern design.
• Full control. Change the looks of anything, down to the smallest details.
• Built with Entities like everything else, so you don't have to relearn anything.

Batteries Included

• Easy to use mesh class for making procedural geometry
• Built-in animation and tweening
• Pre-made prefabs such as FirstPersonController, 2d platformer controller, editor camera
• Lots of included procedural 3D primitives
• Many shaders to choose from, or write your own with GLSL


Licensed under the permissive MIT license,
you can use Ursina for whatever you want.

• No revenue cut or subscription fee.
• Freely modify source code to fix bugs or add features


• python 3.10+
• panda3d
• pillow, for texture manipulation
• pyperclip, for cut and paste support

• psutil, for measuring memory usage
• imageio, for recording and converting to gifs
• psd-tools3, for converting .psd files
• Blender, for converting .blend files


• Windows
• Linux
• Mac (not officially supported, but will most likely work)

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