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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I structure my project?

project_folder/ # create a new folder for each project # the starting script player_sprite.png textures/ # assets can be placed alongside the scripts or in a folder below enemy_1.png enemy_2.png

How do I move the camera?

The camera is an Entity, so you can move and rotate it just like everything else:
    camera.position = Vec3(1,1,0)

Why should I use Python for game development. Isn't it slow?

Not really. The most performance critical part are written in C++ or shader code.
Python can make you more productive as a developer and thus make it easier
to structure your project in a good way, rather than micro-optimize.

How do I call a function with a delay?

invoke(some_function, arg1, kwarg1='some kwarg', delay=2)

How can I use panda3d alongside ursina?

What you need to know is that Entity is a NodePath and Ursina is a ShowBase.
You can also write custom shaders, see panda3d's shader documentation for that.